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Kairos Course
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Interface is a Simply Mobilizing core program that focuses on the development of Missional Churches. It seeks to answer the question, “What does a ‘mobilized church’ or a ‘church on a mission with God’ look like?”

  • Event: Interactive seminar (event). It is designed to be delivered in five (5) hours.
  • Process: The Interface program consists of consultations and activities (process).

The Interface program explores Biblical, Historical, and Strategic areas of mission study — strongly emphasizing God’s overall purpose and plan for the world, the missional growth of the early Church, and what it means for us, His people, to be on mission with God today.

Pastors, Church Leadership


The Kairos Course is a dynamic course where one discovers what God is doing around the world in fulfilment of His Global purpose

Designed to Educate and Mobilize Local Christians & Churches to Participate strategically into World Christian Mission in the 21st Century

  • 9 Weeks (8 x 3 hrs +  1 Full day)
  • 5 Full Day Sessions (5 x 8 hrs)
  • 3 Weeks (Weekday night + Saturday full day)

The course comes with

  • Readings
  • Devotions
  • Reviews
  • Chapter Introduction
  • Inspiring videos
  • Growth Point Group
  • Exiting interactive activities

All Christians

Youth Kairos

The Youth Kairos Course is a guided learning experience, specifically designed to help young people discover how they can be part of the World Christian Movement. It is not a condensed version of the regular course. It uses a different reader, set of worksheets and activities. All the sessions have been reshaped to fit young people.

  • Designed for young disciples Christians, aged 14 to 19 years old.
  • Run by a trained HF <= 35 years old and Facilitators <= 30 years old.
  • The youth Kairos is ideally run over three and a half days in a youth group or campus ministry setting as part of a discipleship program.

This course comes with

  • Readings
  • Devotions
  • Inspiring videos
  • Small group discussions
  • Exciting interactive activities

All Christians Youth

(Age: 14 to 19yo)

Crossing Cultures

Crossing Culture is an exciting eye-opening experience that gives practical tools and the confidence to develop cross-cultural friendships with people of different cultures in our community

Conducted in an evening and a full day

  • Cultural meal
  • Interactive training workshop
  • Practical field experience
  • Debriefing

All Christians

(can be pre/post Kairos)

Empowered To Influence

Empowered to Influence (ETI) is designed to redefine the way believers think about work, worship and the Kingdom of God.

It is a four-session facilitated course on seven paradigm shifts to impact as salt and light in their workplaces and communities.

  • Facilitated by trained small group leaders in a local church
  • Fits in any regular small group discipleship setting within the local church or marketplace
  • Four two-hours sessions conducted one session per week
  • Video Teaching by Ken Chua
  • Workbook notes
  • Worksheets
  • Short articles and video clips
  • Small group sharing/discussion
  • Prayer

All Christians

(especially those in the marketplace)

The Unfinished Story

The Unfinished Story is designed to be conducted in a local church for all believers to be inspired, educated and challenged to be meaningfully involved in the world Christian movement.

The goal is that through this course believers will come to see that being part of God's redemptive mission is the main reason why we, God's people, are here on earth. 

  • Facilitated by trained local church leaders
  • Fits in any regular small group discipleship setting withing a local church
  • Four (1hr 45 min) sessions conducted one session per week
  • Cover the Biblical, Historical Strategic and Cultural dimensions of the Christian mission
  • Prayer Focus on the least reached peoples both globally and locally
  • Short teaching videos and supplementary videos
  • Brief articles and worksheet
  • Growth Point Groups

All Christians

Looking for something more?

Looking for something more?